/connect quakeum.com
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How to Log In for start counting my stats?
You need to be logged in. Log in directly in the game by using your game console and
/login yourLoginname yourPassword
2. How to turn on challenge mode (FIGHT) for counting my wins in a row?
You need to use this command
in your game console.
By this command you are able to enable and disable the FIGHT mode. You must be logged in to enable the FIGHT mode in the game (see the point 1.)
3. How to get information about players and their actual status and stats?
Use this command
in your console in the game. It returns actual state of each connected player and his lifetime statistics if he is logged in. This also returns info about count of wins in a row for all players on actual map.
4. How many wins will be counted for each opponent?
In the FIGHT mode you are able to get max. 3 wins with each opponent in 24 hours.
5. What is the easiest way to connect this server directly into the game?
The easiest way to just connect into the game is use this command in your game console
/connect quakeum.com

The smarter way is using prepared config file to connect the server, login to your account and whatever you want in sequence in one request. Example of this file see/download here https://quakeum.com/q.cfg
When you edit this q.cfg file, copy them to your Quake III Arena/baseq3 folder. After that you will be able to using this command
/exec q
in your game console to connect and autologin directly into the game.
6. What is the IP address and the port of this server?
Port: 27960
7. What is the best net settings for precise gameplay on this server?
There are some important settings based on an established standards. Commands to your game console:
/rate 25000
this is the minimum. The rate can be higher, the best value is 50 000
/snaps 40
this is the minimum. The best value is 40
/cl_maxpackets 125
Important to set manualy especialy when you have not the OSP mod.
/com_maxfps 125

/cl_timenudge 0
Please do not use any timenudge. This feature is disabled on this server because it interferes with the smooth gameplay for all connected players
8. How to set forced enemy models and colors?
At first, you need the OSP mod installed. How to activate the OSP see in the point 9.
Commands to your game console:
/cg_enemymodel keel/pm

/cg_forcemodel 1

/cg_enemycolors 2222

/cg_forcecolors 1
9. How to install the OSP game mod?
Download the mod in a zip file for free here: https://quakeum.com/d/osp.zip (ver 1.03 | 46,3MB)
Then unzip them to your Quake III Arena game folder. It will create a new folder called "osp" there.
Thats all. Done.
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